Fleur Marty


Fleur Marty


Producer at Eidos Montreal

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Ever since she started out as a web programmer in 1997, Fleur’s career has been rooted in
technology. Her curiosity, strong leadership skills, and passion towards other people and
their skills led her to project and production management. In this new role, she was able to
utilize the aforementioned skills to successfully interface and unify different disciplines
towards a common goal.
In 2013, after 11 years working in France as a web, transmedia and games producer, she
joined Eidos-Montréal to take on new challenges and build an innovative team within the
studio. After overseeing production for all the additional content of Deus Ex: Mankind
Divided, she is now focusing on the Tomb Raider franchise.
Her passion for all games combined with her positive spirit, production experience, creativity
and love for people, help her to successfully innovate and bring out the best in each member
of her team.