Wanda Meloni


Wanda Meloni


CEO & Principal Analyst at M2 Insights

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My expertise is in 3D, graphics, interactive and immersive technologies (including VR and AR), emerging platforms, and development pipelines. Bridging business development, marketing and strategy, my passion is helping companies define and build their markets, customers, partners and funding. MBA: International Management.

Clients have included Intel, Qualcomm, Dolby, nGrain, Autodesk, Adobe, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Disney, Warner Bros., as well as a wide range of developers, middleware & tool providers, investment firms, industry and trade agencies including the Open Gaming Alliance and SIGGRAPH.

I work with innovation companies helping them with market alignment, partnering and market trends to focus on new and emerging technologies. Specializing in market trends and technologies in graphics, 3D, visual effects and digital media, I work in games, film, enterprise, design and visualization. I cover development tools and teams; immersive technologies in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

I frequently speak at a wide range of industry events including CES, NAB, VR AR Vision Summit, Game Developers' Conference, Mobile Gaming USA, Casual Connect and have been quoted in Fortune, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, and LA Times.

I work directly with clients to define market dynamics, competitive threats, partnering and investment opportunities with specific focus on:
- immersive technology
- Virtual Reality
- Augmented Reality
- development trends and pipelines
- game engines and tools
- games and market trends
- demographic and geographic trends
- new platform opportunities
- diversity, education and women in technology and women

I am an avid supporter of diversity in the tech and games industry, working with women's groups and educational institutions to bring more awareness to supporting diversity.